Apple & Blueberries with Chia seeds

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Apple, blueberry & chia seedsFor those of us who don’t have a lot of time in the mornings, this is a great way to get a good start to your day.
You can even make it up the night before or double the quantity for a two day supply.
Chia seeds are a great way to bring in protein, fibre and essential fatty acids into your breakfast without using traditional grains. This recipe is also Vegan, Gluten free and Dairy free.
½ cup blueberries frozen
2 medium apples
1 tsps agave nectar
4 tbs Chia seeds
Remove from the heat.
Add the blueberries and chia seeds and mix through and leave to cool.
The chia seeds will absorb the juices and swell and become gelatinous . (The longer you leave it, the more jelly like they will become. You can leave it overnight if you like.) The blueberry juice will colour your apples too.
Add the agave nectar before serving.
Serve with some slivered almonds for extra protein and crunch and or (a dollop of greek yoghurt if you eat dairy).
Serves 2
Cook time 15 minutes


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