SPA Bliss at home

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Spa Bliss at HomeCreate your own spa experience at home. Just add water! And maybe a few of the following ingredients.


Bath, water, candles, matches, oil vapouriser, towels, essential oils, milk,  sea salt fine crystals, sweet almond oil, epsom salts, rose floral water  and relaxing background music.

Now what do I do?

Light the candles,turn out the lights, put on some nice music. and put 5 drops of your favourite essential oils in the oil vapourizer and light it.

Put some sea salt in a small bowl and pour some almond oil (3tbs) into small bowl.

Pour 2 tbs of milk into a dish. Put a generous handful of epsom salts into another dish.

Choose from the bath blends below and add the essential oils to the epsom salts.

Choose from the following bath blends

Insomnia blend:  2 drops lavender, 1 drop marjoram, 3 drops rose

Romance blend 2 droops Sandalwood, 2 drops jasmine and 1 drop ylang ylang

Relaxing blend: 3 drops chamonile, 2 drops rosewood and 2 drops geranium.

Muscular release blend 1 drop peppermint 1 drop eucalyptus and 1 drop lavender.

CAUTION: In case of pregnancy or lactation seek professional advice before using  these recipes.

Now you can draw a bath and remove your clothes.

Pour a small amount of almond oil into your palm and take some sea salt and mix in your hand to form an exfoliating mix and begin to rub on your arms. The salt should stimulate the circulation and the almond oil will moisturise and soften your skin. Continue this practice until you have done your whole body (not the face)

For the face, make the mixture with less salt and more oil to avoid irritating. (always avoid the eye area)

Now pour the milk into the bath and follow with the epsom salt mix.

Slowly sink into the bath and put a small towel or bath pillow behind your neck so you can relax and soak.

Any salt on your body will dissolve in the bath.

When you are feeling blissed out like a puffy white cloud you can get out of the bath and pat yourself dry leaving some of the almond oil on your skin.

Splash the rose floral water over your skin to tone and refine and  apply a small amount of almond oil to the face to soften and moisturise

Then blow out the candles and it’s off to bed.

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