Vegan Rice Paper Rolls with Tahini Dipping Sauce

vegan rice paper rollsThis vegan recipe is full of antioxidants, fibre, protein and minerals.

You could use these for a healthy snack, or light lunch.

Vegan Rice Paper Rolls


Rice paper rolls

Mung bean sprouts






Apple cider vinegar

Agave nectar optional.

  • Chop your carrot, fresh beetroot and capsicum into matchstick size.
  • Dip your first rice paper roll into water and soften for 30 seconds or until pliable.
  • Place carefully on your board and assemble a little of all the ingredients to 1 side of the roll. Leaving room at the bottom to fold up.
  • Fold up the bottom section and then roll across from the ingredient side to the other side until you have sealed the roll.
  • Set aside and make your next roll until all the ingredients are gone.
  • Now the sauce, Place 1 tbs of tahini with 1 tsp apple cider and 1 tsp agave(optional) and 2 tbs water.
  •   Mix well until you have a creamy sauce for dipping. You can add more water if you want it to be more liquid.

If you plan to store these for later in the fridge, place on some grease proof paper or wrap individually to avoid sticking them together.

Super food Energy Balls

Super food energy balls

Superfood energy balls

How to stuff as many super food ingredients into a bite size delicious snack? This was the question I wanted to answer when I woke up this morning. So here is my answer. Hope you like it.
 Why eat these?
Cashews- high in calciumCacao- a great antioxidantChia seeds- high in fibre, omegas (good fats), calcium and protein

Coconut- fibre and good fats

Dates- fibre natural sweetness high in minerals

Almonds – calcium and essential fatty acids

Freeze dried berry powder – antioxidants

Prep time : 10 minutes


½ cup cashews

½ cup almonds

½ cup dried dates

3 tbs cacao

3 tbs sultanas

4 tbs coconut flour or dessicated coconut

1 tsp vanilla essence

To coat

Freeze dried berry powder


Chia seeds

Coconut flour or dessicated coconut

Blend the cashews and almonds

Soak the dates in enough water to cover. Add the vanilla essence.

Add the coconut flour, sultanas and cacao to the nuts.

Blend the dates in the water until pureed.

Add this to the nut mix and combine well.

Take spoonfuls of the mix and roll into balls with your hands.

Roll each ball in one of the coatings – chia seeds, berry powder, cacao or coconut

You can make these a few hours ahead and refrigerate until serving.


Chia Chocolate Pudding

Yummy and simple. This raw pudding can satisfy your chocolate needs and it keeps you full for longer too.
Chia chocolate puddingKids and adults alike will love this one. Chia seeds are one of my most common dietary recommendations for my clients. They are so versatile and packed with nutrition.

Why are chia seeds good for me?

High in fibre and have gelatinous consistency when in water – which is great for digestion

They contain protein and a good balance of the essential amino acids

Gluten free

Antioxidant to keep your bodys cells functioning optimally and reducing the effects of aging.

High in calcium for our nerves and bones

They are also great to keep you full and reduce appetite and maintain blood sugar balance

High Vitamin C, Iron, and potassium

Wonderful for Cardiac and brain health with their Omega 3 essential fatty acids content (higher than salmon)

Can be used as an Egg replacer with water for recipes and a thickening agent


Tip – You can make a few of these at a time as they will keep for a day or two refrigerated.

Once you have combined all the ingredients, leave it in the fridge another night for extra smooth and silky pudding. Serve with a sprinkle of almonds.

Prep time : this requires soaking overnight to soften the chia seeds for a great pudding texture

Makes 2 servings


1 Banana

2tbs Chia seeds

2 tbs cacao

1 bs agave nectar (optional for the sweet tooth)

¾ cup water

Place the chia seeds and water in a bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight.

Remove the soaked seeds from the fridge and transfer to a blender along with banana, cacao and agave nectar. Process until you have a smooth pudding like consistency.

At this point you can pour into a bowl and eat or return to the fridge and leave overnight and let the pudding mature into a jelly like consistency.

chia choc pudding

Notes: You can leave out the cacao and just have plain chia banana pudding for your toddler

The possibilities are endless for other fruit flavours.

Stay tuned for some more chia /fruit pudding ideas coming soon.

Egg free Breakfast – Scrambled Tofu

Tofu scrambleScrambled Tofu

For those of you who haven’t ventured into cooking tofu yet. This soy product is simple and versatile and the recipe below only takes 5 minutes. Give it a go.
Tofu is an excellent way to get your protein without the fat. It is a also a great consistency for a scramble and being bland in taste allows it to happily take on the flavours of cooking.

Serves 2   Cook time 5 minutes


4 squares of Tofu – silken or medium firm (not hard tofu)

(The pack I got was called ‘regular firm tofu’ and weighed 900g and there were 12 squares)

1 Tomato

2 Medium mushrooms

Salt  to taste

Pepper to taste

Tamari 1 tbs

Olive oil 1 tbs

Garlic chives (garnish)

Chop the tomato, mushrooms and tofu roughly.

Heat the oil in a pan, Add the salt and tomato and cook for 1 minute.

Add the mushrooms next for 1 minute.

Add the tofu and tamari and pepper and cook until warmed through.

Serve on gluten free toast or on it’s own.

Garnish with garlic chives.