Natural Remedies for Muscular Pain


iStock_000003256386XSmallThis post is inspired after attending my local boot camp. Usually on the day after is when I feel the physical aftermath of a good workout.
Here’s 8 Natural ways to soothe tired and aching muscles post exercise.
  • Essential oil ie lavender with coconut oil kept in a jar in the fridge can be wonderfully soothing as an ointment/massage balm to target areas of discomfort.                         Lavender has pain-killing, circulatory and sedative properties . Massage a small amount into the affected areas.

(Avoid lavender if you are pregnant or have low blood pressure)

Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil to a 50g jar of slightly melted coconut oil and mix through. (to melt coconut oil place on low heat for a minute or it may be melted at room temperature if it’s a hot day.)Cover with a screw top lid, label clearly and keep in the fridge.

  • Heat is traditionally used to treat acute muscle tension. The heat confuses the pain signal to the brain and provides extra circulation to the area. Use a heat pack or warm shower.
  • Ice is traditionally used to reduce swelling to injured body tissue. Using ice packs for short periods is beneficial for fast recovery.
  • Magnesium supplementation is useful for maintaining fit and healthy muscles. For particularly tight muscles due to exercise, posture and stress, this is the choice mineral. For more specific information on dosages and cautions for your body. Contact me for a nutrition or naturopathic appointment.
  • Arnica cream is my all time favourite. It is a homeopathic preparation from a plant which is suitable for bruising, strains, sprains and muscular pain. If you have had a massage from me before, you will know that it is used religiously at the end of a treatment to improve recovery time.
  • Rosemary essential oil diluted in a base oil like almond oil ie 1 drop (eo) to 10ml (base).Rosemary has wonderful circulatory properties which help muscle recovery. (avoid rosemary if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure)
  • Massage: You can combine a few of the above with this to improve your chances. Remedial Hot stones are awesome for post exercise recovery. Dragonfly Natural Therapies offers this service
  • Ginger taken in food and drinks is a wonderful circulatory stimulant and many studies have shown that it is effective in pain relief for joints and muscles.

*There are many reasons why the body may have muscular pain. If you have ongoing symptoms, please check with your health practitioner for further advice.

*The above information are guidelines only. Please use your own judgement and knowledge of your body to decide if this is beneficial for you.

*With any topical treatment, test patch your skin for sensitivities before applying liberally.

Zucchini Pasta in Pesto Yoghurt Sauce

zucchini pesto pastaThis refreshing pasta is low calorie and is so simple to make. It’s fantastic for a summer lunch or dinner. The spaghetti is just zucchini.
1 serving
Prep Time 10 minutes


1 medium Zucchini

3 tbs Greek yoghurt


Salt, Pepper

Cherry Tomatos


Wash your vegetables.

Use your peeler to make noodle like strands with the zucchini by slicing along lengthways.

Set aside.

Chop your cherry tomatos in half and set aside.

In a bowl, mix together the yoghurt and pesto (to taste). Add salt and pepper and combine well.

Assemble your zucchini pasta on a plate with the tomato and mix through the sauce and serve.



To jazz this recipe up you could try adding carrot pasta, and chopped mushroom and corn kernals.



5 ways to Detox your body

Lemon, ginger5 Simple and Natural Ways to Detox your Body

Dandelion: a weed to some but an amazing liver herb. It’s botanical name taraxacum officinale in greek is taraxox (disorder) akos = remedy. It can be taken in a fluid extract (obtained from a Naturopath) or used as a tea or coffee (found in health food stores.) This herb helps the liver by stimulating the flow of bile to the gall bladder.

Aloe Vera Juice is taken from a particular part of the plant and is soothing to a sensitive stomach, as well as having some laxative properties to prevent toxin build up in the bowels.

Carnitine: Mainly known for its uses as a nutritional supplement in protein powders is made by the body, it helps convert fatty acids to energy. High fat or alcohol consumption increase our demands for carnitine. Carnitine may help prevent liver complications with chronic alcohol use.

Lemon Juice: Freshly queezed is best. Approximately 1 tbs in a cup of warm water first thing in the morning is a simple way to actively assist your digestive organs to maintain optimal function. The sour taste of lemon can stimulate our liver and gallbladder to work harder and help us break down food. It is also a good way to rehydrate before you begin your day

Fibre: Making sure you have enough fresh fruit and veg and especially with skins on is useful to help keep your bowels moving and preventing toxic build up. It is also helpful for lowering cholesterol.

* The above information is for use as a  general guideline. Please seek advice from your natural health care practitioner for specific detox guidance if you have chronic ailments or allergies.

* If you are pregnant, detoxing is not recommended.



10 Minute Mulberry Chia Seed Jam

Mulberry Chia Jam10 minute Mulberry Chia Jam

A client gave me some fresh mulberries the other day. I haven’t eaten these since I was a kid.
I remember having a tree at primary school where the occasional berry fight would result in berry stained uniforms.The tree however was more popular for it’s silkworm population than its berries.
I found a recipe for Blueberry Chia Jam on the ‘I quit sugar’ website and decided to try it out with the Mulberries.
I changed the quantities a little and swapped the berries and the result is a very pleasing, quick and healthy jam you can use on gluten free toast, scones, over yoghurt or in a gluten free jam tart.

1 cup Mulberries Fresh or Frozen
3 tbs Chia seeds
2 tbs rice malt syrup or other sweetener like honey or agave
4 tbs water

Blend together all ingredients
Transfer the mixture into a saucepan and cook on low heat for 3-5minutes until Jam sets.
Transfer to a jam jar and enjoy on toast, crackers, with salad or use as a topping for scones or other slices.
Store in the fridge for up to 5 days.