Fruit Infused Tea – Lemon, Lime & Ginger

fruit infused teaHere’s a simple way to make a delicious, warming drink to aid digestion and peace of mind.

Ginger has some wonderful properties including it’s anti-inflammatory and circulatory actions which are useful for joint aches and Pmt as well as its warming digestive properties which sooth an unsettled stomach.

The lime and lemon offer the zing and provide digestive stimulation to improve digestion function.

If you are lucky enough to grow a lime or lemon tree in your backyard. You can make up regular batches of this drink and keep them in the fridge.

Fruit Infused Tea

Lemon, Lime and Ginger


Organic Ginger tea




Honey (optional)

Boil your water

_AAA0412Pop a tea bag in to your tea pot.

Let steep for a few minutes. The longer you leave it the hotter the ginger flavour.

Meanwhile, wash you lemon and limes.

Slice the lemon and lime into circles and place a few of each into a glass or cup.

Add a little honey (Optional)

Pour the ginger tea over your lemon and limes and stir with a teaspoon


Serves 2


Mango Salsa Salad


Mango Salsa SaladI love mango season with such an abundance of this beautiful fruit, I thought this mango salsa would be a perfect way to add some to a healthy summer lunch. With just a few simple ingredients this recipe makes a quick, easy, colourful and tasty meal.

A few words on behalf of Mangos –
They are high in beta carotene which is great news for your skin and immune system, it has an interesting antioxidant profile which can help prevent cell damage to eyes, bowel and skin and contains fibre which helps reduce cholesterol.


1 Mango

1 Red capsicum

1 Cucumber

10 Cherry Tomatos

Sprinkle of Sunflower Seeds (Toasted in cumin, chilli and salt) – Recipe also on the blog

Lime Juice for dressing

* Dice, slice, toss and serve.

Serves 2

Serve with boiled eggs