59816608_2189746934423759_5024553704104132608_n (1)During my Naturopathic consultations, one question I always ask is “are you feeling stressed”? Most people respond with a ‘yes’!

‘So how do you manage stress in your life? What do you actively do to create balance and peace in your day?

Heres a list of things you can do to calm your nerves, reset your body and mind and enjoy a sense of peace.


bunch of lavender flower isolated on white close-ups

Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy

Great on their own but put them together and you get transported to relaxville in seconds.

Ahh the stuff of spa places you might say, but you can do this at home or at the beach.

Soaking in salt water has wonderful benefits . It helps relax the body and drain away toxins. Even if you can’t get into the bath or get to a beach, you could soak your feet at home. Espom salts work great.

Essential oils come from plants and have great therapeutic actions. They can work wonders on a stressed mind or body. Lavender and bergamot are great for calming anxiety and relaxing.

To help balance mood geranium and orange essential oils work well and to create more balance grapefruit and may chang are awesome.

As a rough guideline in a bath 10 drops in 1 tbs of milk (disperses the oil)

In a foot bath, 3-5 drops essential oil.

*Nb Essential oils may be contraindicated in some conditions ie asthma, eczema, pregnancy, high blood pressure.

Please consult your natural health practitioner for further advice if you are unsure.

IMG_2404Spending Time on your own

In such a busy world this really a necessity and a very fruitful activity for managing stress.

Scheduling’ me time’ can be viewed as a commitment to yourself , a way to be kind to yourself and nurture your own needs.

You can utilize the time to generate a more joyous and positive space to continue your day with more clarity and ease.

It keeps us in touch with our inner awareness and helps direct us more consciously. So whether it’s reading a book or taking a swim or practicing any of the other suggestions in this article, it will add peace and joy to your day.


iStock_000000967004XSmallFlower essences

This is a therapy which I use a lot of in clinic.

These liquid drops are taken orally twice daily.

They are wonderful for addressing stress as they work on the emotional realm. These remedies are taken as oral drops and effect change in our mental and emotional patterns.

Each bottle can address several different issues for example anxiety about exams, feelings of inadequacy, for people who can’t slow down, for sadness and grief.

*flower essences are often used in conjunction with other supports to effect long lasting change and can be used safely with  existing medications.

You can book a 30 minute flower essence consultation or discuss at your next appointment.

More info on flower essences


Yoga has so many benefits, I cannot name them all but for starters, Increased sense of well being, strength, flexibility and strengthening of the immune system are some of my favourites..  It is easy to  attend classes with so many available nowadays . I have never known anyone to come out of a yoga class feeling stressed. Getting connected to the body, breath and our inner workings is a wonderful way to recognize stress patterns and encourage relaxation.

woman getting a head and shoulder massage


Have your Bars run.  What? You say.

Bars is an energetic therapy which is part of access consciousness. It consists of holding a series of points on the head that help to clear thought patterns that we have locked in and keep repeating. The benefit of having bars run is it’s very relaxing and the result can be a feeling of space where we are better able to cope with stress and see new ways to look at things. A session goes for around about 1 hour. More info on Access Consciousness Bars

similan retreatNature

Living in a city can sometimes be challenging. Humans need to be connected to the earth. The higher we build apartments and the more electromagnetic changes we have around us make it difficult to stay well mentally and physically. We are constantly overstimulated with light and frequencies from our phones and other devices.

Do you ever wonder why it feels so good to be near the ocean? There is an abundance of negative ions in the air. As is the case in nature. Houses, offices and apartments do not have this charge.

Taking a few minutes to walk on the grass, sit under a tree, play outdoors with your pet in the sunshine or taking a swim in the ocean are all ways key ways to cultivate stress free living.

IMG_2487Meditation and Mindfulness

Whether you focus on your breathing for a few minutes or consciously be aware of the ‘now’ in whichever activity you are occupied with you will begin to notice a calm space. When you are not worrying about the past or the future, the ‘now’ space will help you be in tune with yourself where balance and peace reside.

To help you find this ‘space’ Dragonfly has Free guided meditation exercises. Free meditation click here