AROMATHERAPY for JOY & CALM at Christmas


aromatherapy xmasAre you one of these people who overthinks the whole Christmas day?
Planning every last detail and so highly strung about everything going well that you forget to enjoy yourself on the day or are you the last minute dash to the shops for late night shopping crazy person? If you identify with either of these personas, you may enjoy a little Aromatherapy in your life.

The following essential oils are perfect to attract a little calm and joy into your life.

Bergamot is balancing to the nervous system and provides a feeling of centredness and confidence.
Geranium is a joyfully uplifting and vibrant oil, providing refreshing and mood enhancing properties.
Lavender is well known as a relaxant for stress and can bring a sense of peace and calm.
Lemon provides a clean and refreshing scent which is balancing to our nervous system and can improve our mental clarity and mood.

* Use one or more of the above oils in your vapouriser (3-4 drops) or add to your favourite massage oil base (1 drop essential oil to 5 ml almond/olive oil etc) and apply to feet or arms, neck and shoulders.

This is a guideline only,always do a skin patch test first and seek medical advice if you are pregnant.

Common emotional states at Christmas


Common emotional states at Christmas

I often observe around this time of year a need to rush, a feeling of running out of time, overwhelm, overactive minds and general anxiety.
The following flower essences are specific remedies to the above.
How do you feel?

Flower essences are natural remedies used to support emotional and mental well being in times of stress or imbalance.

They are derived from specially selected flowers and are catalysts for a positive inner transformation to increase self awareness and dispel negative states.
Flower essences are simple to take.
They are in liquid form and are taken orally under the tongue a few drops at a time.

For people who worry constantly. This remedy helps create more calm, peace and clarity

For those who feel rushed, scattered and unfocused.This remedy helps to feel more decisive and centred.

Paw Paw
For people who feel overwhelmed and can’t decide.
Helps to feel more calm, clarity and ability to problem solve.

If you would like to try this flower essences or require more info on other flower essences, please book in for a 30 minute flower essence consultation or discuss at your next Dragonfly appointment.
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