Chia Seeds

Chia SeedsWhat are they?

Chia seeds are a wholegrain harvested from a flowering plant in the Mint family and a great Superfood . They are small seeds with a subtle nutty flavour.  They can be eaten raw or cooked and are extremely versatile.

Forms: Black and white seeds, Chia oil, crushed into a flour, Bran, sprouts

Both black and white seeds have similar nutritional composition.

Why are they good for me?

High in fibre and have gelatinous consistency when in water – which is great for digestion.

They contain protein and a good balance of the essential amino acids.

Gluten free.

Antioxidant to keep your bodys cells functioning optimally and reducing the effects of aging.

High in calcium for our nerves and bones.

They are also great to keep you full and reduce appetite

High Vitamin C, Iron, and potassium,

Blood sugar balance.

Wonderful for Cardiac and brain health with their Omega 3 essential fatty acids content (higher than salmon)

Can be used as an Egg replacer with water for recipes and a thickening agent.

How much?

15 g or 1 tbs is great to provide nutritional benefits  daily.

Up to 2 tbs is ideal for therapeutic effect. Children can consume up to 1 tbs per day.

Nb; Chew your Chia seeds well as to extract all the nutrient value.

How do I use Chia Seeds in my diet?

Raw as a snack or sprinkled over any meal

In with Cereal, soup, baked goods like bread or slices.

As a Thickening agent as they soften and swell and become gelatinous  when water is added

As an egg replacer in baking recipes

To drinks, smoothies

Stir fry or stews


Try Sprinkle Chia on Greek yoghurt and berries with a drizzle of honey  for a superfood snack

Stir fry vegetables with Chia seeds

1 tbs olive oil

1 tbs chia seeds

3 garlic clove (minced)

2-3 tbs Tamari (to taste)

1 can baby corn (drained)

2 cups Kale (chopped)

1 cup mushrooms (sliced)

2 carrot (sliced)

1 red capsicum (sliced)

1 onion (diced)

1 chilli (sliced)

Sea or rock Salt to taste

Stir  fry in a pan, the onion for 2 minutes, add the garlic and sauté another minute. Add tamari and a ¼ cup of water with the other vegetables, chilli and chia seeds. Cover and simmer until vegetables are cooked (5-10 minutes) Add salt to taste

Nb; As chia is water loving, you can add more liquid if desired.

Serve on brown rice, basmati rice or quinoa

Chia seed pudding


2 tbs chia seeds

1 cup of milk (soy, almond, coconut)

1 tsp of agave nectar or honey

1 banana


Warm the milk slightly in a saucepan and add the chia seeds. Take off the heat. Whisk and then stand for a few minutes to form a gel. Whisk again if it gets lumpy. Add banana slices and Agave Nectar or Honey and enjoy.




Quinoa Porridge with Cinnamon, Berries, Nuts and Seeds is a great gluten free substitute for oats when you want a nice warm porridge on a Winter’s morning.

Although oats are technically not a gluten grain they are oftern avoided in Coeliac and Gluten Intolerant people who may suffer the same symptoms as with gluten on ingesting oats.


1 cup Quinoa flakes

1/2 cup Mixed berries

1 tsp Cinnamon powder

1 tbs Pumpkin seeds

1 tbs Walnuts

1 tbs Sunflower seeds

Honey/Agave nectar (optional)

Untitled design (1)


At breakfast time, cook the quinoa flakes by adding water to a saucepan and cook gently until you have a porridge consistency. Remove from the heat. Add the cinnamon and stir through.

Pour your porridge into a bowl. Add mixed berries and a sprinkle of nuts and seeds.

For a sweet kick, add a drizzle of honey or agave nectar.

The Benefits of Miso

IMG_E3108The Benefits of Miso

Miso is a Japanese condiment that comes in the form of a fermented paste made usually from soy beans but sometimes peas or other grains.

Its famous for its use as soup but there are many other ways to use miso in your kitchen like spreads on crackers, dips, sauces and marinades.

Miso has some wonderful health properties for example it is a complete protein which means it contains  all the amino acids which is  particularly important for vegetarians.

It is also fermented which is great for supporting gut health by helping to stabilise and balance the digestive tract which is useful for those who have a sensitive stomach or irritable bowel.

It contains probiotics which further helps to keep digestion in check as it keeps good gut bacteria healthy.

It contains many B vitamins, as well as Zinc,Copper , Calcium and  Iron too.

Miso paste is best added to a soup after you take it off the heat so it retains all the goodness listed above.

Nb: Miso contains sodium so it is important to have it along with a balanced diet and for those who have to watch their sodium levels to monitor their levels.



2 cups vegetable stock

1 tbs Miso paste

1 Scallion (chopped)

1x 250g Silken tofu diced (Gently)


Bring your stock to the boil and then remove from the heat and set aside.

Prepare your scallion and silken tofu.

In a separate bowl, take ¼ cup of hot warm stock and mix with your Miso paste to dissolve.

Add the Miso stock back to the warmed stock and combine.

Lastly add the tofu and scallions.

Serve immediately.


Serves 2



C9CF6D7B-E307-4524-BDD7-6CEB8CCAA1FAAt the first sign of cold or cough, get these ingredients from your kitchen to make a simple but powerful natural immune booster.

Chilli is a wonderful circulatory stimulant helping out your lymphatic system and raising your temperature to fight bugs.

Thyme is antibacterial and cough suppressant.

Honey is antibacterial and soothing and Fresh lemon has a great hit of vitamin C.


Pinch of Chilli powder

1 tsp Dried Thyme powder

1 tbs Honey

1/2 Lemon juiced

Water 2 cups


On a stovetop, add water, thyme and chilli to a saucepan.

Allow to reach a boil.

Remove from heat and add honey and lemon juice.

Strain if you wish and drink hot or cold.

A look back at ‘Nourished in Nature’ Retreat Khao Lak Thailand


Looking back Thailand Nourished in Nature Retreat 2019
Thailand Nourished in Nature Retreat 2019

A look back at ‘Nourished in Nature’ Retreat Khao Lak Thailand.

Firstly, I would like to say Thank you to the lovely ladies who joined me for this special retreat in Khao Lak Thailand.

We spent 6 nights together to celebrate our connection with nature and to deepen our connection to self.
We were blessed with sunny tropical weather and breath taking beauty in nature.
During the retreat we indulged in tropical fruit, delicious Thai food and discovered much about Thai culture and Nature.
Some of the high lights were exploring temples and historic sites, bamboo rafting through the jungle, enjoying a day out to explore the Similan Islands National Park and to snorkel and receiving Thai Massages overlooking the beach.
I managed to fit in a few workshops, healing sessions and consultations along with some meditations on the beach.
During this time, we let go, relaxed, received, reconnected to ourselves and shared with each other.
Below are a few pictures from our time.
I’m feeling so blessed to have had this experience and I look forward to inviting you to the next one in Thailand in 2020.


IMG_2847 IMG_2833 IMG_2390 IMG_2393 IMG_2445 IMG_2487 IMG_2578 IMG_2582 IMG_2604
IMG_2650 IMG_2459
If you are interested in attending one of my overseas retreats, you may wish to join me in Hawaii in November. You can find out more and keep up to date by subscribing to the retreat newsletter below.

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10 Ways to a Happier & Healthier You.

10 Ways to a happier and healthier you.


To have a healthy and happy life we need to have balance.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routine we forget how to have fun and relax.
Here are some suggestions to revive your spirit.

 * Go to the beach and walk bare foot on the sand, breathe the sea air or go for a swim.
 * Meditation: Join a class or practice at home or sit in nature, listen to a guided
visualisation tape.
* Yoga: Join a class or buy a yoga video and practice at home.
 * Baths: Soak in Epsom salts, or milk and some relaxing essential oils
 * Oil vapouriser: Use your favourite essential oils
 * Swim. Do laps and feel fit  or just splash around.
 * Go out with your Friends, enjoy their company, catch up.
 * Read a book , newspaper or a magazine
 * Get creative, write, paint, cook, play music, exercise, dance,
* Play with your pets
Can you think of more? 

Directions:  Take at least one suggestion and add to your day.

Honey , Cinnamon Roasted Sunflower seeds

Honey and cinnmaon roasted sunflower seeds

These make a delicious, healthy and versatile snack for a sweet moment.

They can be eaten like brittle or crushed and sprinkled on top of your breakfast cereal, smoothie or even on toast.

Honey & Cinnamon Roasted Sunflower Seeds


1 cup Sunflower seeds

2 tbs Honey

1 tbs Coconut oil

1 tsp Cinnamon Powder

Pinch of salt


Preheat oven to 180C

Line a baking tray with baking paper

Add honey and coconut oil to a measuring jug and microwave for a few seconds to soften.

Add cinnamon and salt and stir through.

Add your sunflower seeds and coat well.

Spread the coated seeds out on your baking sheet and roast for 15 minutes until slightly golden.

Store in an airtight container.