Healthy Chocolate recipes

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Chocolate is one of the most loved foods around the world but it’s often high calorie with so much sugar and fat.

There are however some beautiful ways to enjoy your chocolate without the unhealthy parts by changing up some simple ingredients.

Below are six healthy chocolate recipes for you to try out.

Vegan Coconut Chocolate ‘bounty bar’ hearts
These 4 Ingredient chocolates are so easy to make and are a ‘not so naughty’ chocolate treat to enjoy. Reminiscent of the classic ‘Bounty bar‘ ,It’s definitely one of my favourites.

Beetroot Brownies
These gluten free super moist brownies are a great way to hide your veggies!

Chia chocolate pudding Yummy and simple. This raw pudding can satisfy your chocolate needs and it keeps you full for longer too. Kids and adults alike will love this one. Chia seeds are one of my most common dietary recommendations for my clients. They are so versatile and packed with nutrition.

Superfood energy balls How to stuff as many super food ingredients into a bite size delicious snack? This was the question I wanted to answer when I woke up this morning.

4 Ingredient Chocolate Smoothie
A quick, easy and healthy chocolate fix. This is one of my favourite go to post exercise smoothies.

Gluten free chocolate brownies

I confess,  I do love a good chocolate treat and I’m so glad that I can create the perfect chocolate brownie that my taste buds love without overloading my digestion and having sugar remorse.The brownie gets it’s sweetness and fibre largely from the sweet potato, so you can have your sweet craving satisfied and stay full for longer.The chocolate icing is fabulous and no trace of icing sugar in site.  It’s also full of healthy antioxidants.

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