Colour Healing ORAcle

Turquoise healing (One of my favourites)

Colour healing oracle reading- Turquoise for communication, intuition, empathy and compassion

Posted by Dragonfly Natural Therapies Centre on Sunday, July 26, 2020

This beautiful colour is a favourite for many.

Turquoise is for me is reminiscent of sunny days, relaxing by the water.

It is a pleasant way to heal.

I have also noticed that children in particular always gravitate to the turquoise crystals in my clinic. 🦋

Turquoise colour healing works with the throat and heart chakras.🐬

It reminds us to balance our hearts and words in all our communications.

Colour Healing Mauve

Colour healing is beautiful and gentle way to create change in our bodies.

Today we explore the colour Mauve

Key points: Hearing, Intuition, Clearing of Judgement.

Exercise: Clear judgements from others with this healing Mauve exercise in the video below.

Colour healing Mauve Monday.

Posted by Dragonfly Natural Therapies Centre on Sunday, July 19, 2020

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