Crystal Bowl sound Healing

Crystal Singing bowl Sound Healing
What is a crystal singing bowl?

A crystal singing bowl is made from quartz crystal. When played it emits a frequency and sound which resonates with the human body helping to shift, clear and align.

The vibration of sound can have a deep healing action.

What do people feel during a sound healing?
Sessions are generally conducted sitting or lying down and people may feel many different sensations as the sound vibrations move through. Some are completely relaxed, others may feel energy moving through their body or experience a release of emotion and some will experience inner awareness, visions and inspiring thoughts.
The effects may be only felt after the session and may present as changes in the body, mental state or emotional state.
What therapies at Dragonfly can accompany sound healing?

Sound healing may occur over a short time (a minute or two) at the end of a meditation, access bars session or massage or may be incorporated for a longer time alongside reiki or crystal healing.

To learn more crystal bowl sound healing you can book a Massage, Reiki, or energy healing session at Dragonfly Natural Therapies.
Sound Healings are available at North Rocks and Botany clinic.