Crystal Healing & Energetic Medicine

iStock_000002222213XSmallWhat is crystal healing & energetic medicine?

Crystal Healing & Energetic Medicine utilises the natural life force energy that flows around you and through you, and adjusts the subtle energies in your body to balance the flow. This allows you to regain your centre and focus in your life. Crystal Healing & Energetic Medicine is beneficial to everyone, but particularly important during periods of chronic illness and extreme stress. During a session, the recipient is usually lying down in a relaxed position and may have crystals placed on and around the body during treatment. People are often intrigued at how much they can feel or sense during an energetic healing sessions and the sense of peace that remains afterwards.

At the conclusion of your session, you may be given advice on ways to maintain your balance of energy. This may include a prescription of ‘The Liquid Crystals’ (TLC) and/or Flower Essences.

Crystal Healing & Energetic Session : 60 mins $100