Flower Essences

iStock_000000967004XSmallWhat are flower essences?

Used since ancient times, the subtle balancing properties of certain flowers have a profound healing effect on our emotional wellbeing. This allows us to have clarity, strength and enthusiasm to live our lives. They can be used safely with medications and are complementary to other treatment programmes.

At Dragonfly Natural Therapies Centre, Flower Essences are used to treat emotion or mental states, such as lack of self-esteem, lack of focus, grief, anger, resentment, fatigue, indecisiveness, obsessive behaviour, lack of motivation, fear or irritation

During your consultation you may be asked a series of questions relating to your personality, feelings, stress triggers and your physical well being. It is a good idea to know what you want to gain from taking flower essences e.g. do you want to have more energy, feel motivated, be happier, sleep properly or have more focus? Your flower essence remedy will be made specifically for you on the day of your consultation. Flower Essences may be prescribed as part of a treatment programme during the following consultations: Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Energetic & Crystal Healing or Remedial Massage.


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