Remedial Massage

iStock_000006889094XSmallWhat is remedial massage?

Remedial massage is an effective therapy of touch, promoting relaxation and healing through stimulation of your circulatory and lymphatic systems, calming your nervous system, releasing tense muscles and restoring your natural energy flow. Remedial massage is particularly useful for sports injuries, chronic tension and stress.

At your initial visit to the clinic, you will be asked to fill out a full health questionnaire and discuss any current or recurring symptoms you may have.  After your assessment and remedial massage treatment, you will be offered guidelines for exercise, stretching and further treatment to support your musculoskeletal system and health needs.

Remedial massage; 30 min ($60), 60 min ($100) or 90 min ($135)

(Available in clinic at Picnic Point and offering Mobile visits to your home for North Rocks and surrounds  (an additional $20 travel fee)