Remedial Stone Fusion

What is remedial stone fusion?

Remedial Stone Fusion is an effective bodywork technique incorporating remedial massage and hot stone therapy into one treatment.

This luxurious treatment is conducted with oil and warmed, ancient basalt stones that are rolled and massaged into tense muscle groups, improving the circulation of your body. It is deeply relaxing and a wonderful way to de-stress and relieve tension and muscular pain. Essential oils are added to enhance your treatment based on your individual health needs.

At Dragonfly Natural Therapies Centre, Remedial Stone Fusion has been used to help arthritis, muscular spasm and pain, sports injuries, PMT, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, sinusitis and detoxification.

Remedial Stone Fusion (feet) 30 mins $70
Remedial Stone Fusion (neck, back and shoulders) 60 mins $120
Remedial Stone Fusion (neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, hands and face) 90 mins $160