Whether your a mum or not, this special is available throughout May 2022.

Includes 90 minutes for $135 (Valued at $170)

Remedial massage 1 hour: is an effective therapy of touch, promoting relaxation and healing through stimulation of your circulatory and lymphatic systems, calming your nervous system, releasing tense muscles and restoring your natural energy flow. Remedial massage is particularly useful for sports injuries, chronic tension and stress.

Combined with:

Hot Stone Foot Treatment : This 30 minute foot treatment will deeply relax you, melting away your stress and tension. The warmed stones add an extra element to the healing as they gently work into the reflex points of your feet providing a therapeutic effect felt throughout the whole body.

During the treatment, the hot stones are combined with therapeutic massage techniques and essential oils to free up the joints, relax muscles and improve circulation in the feet.
Please mention this offer at the time of booking or purchasing a voucher to claim
0408 317 307 or sodragonfly@hotmail.com

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