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C9CF6D7B-E307-4524-BDD7-6CEB8CCAA1FAAt the first sign of cold or cough, get these ingredients from your kitchen to make a simple but powerful natural immune booster.

Chilli is a wonderful circulatory stimulant helping out your lymphatic system and raising your temperature to fight bugs.

Thyme is antibacterial and cough suppressant.

Honey is antibacterial and soothing and Fresh lemon has a great hit of vitamin C.


Pinch of Chilli powder

1 tsp Dried Thyme powder

1 tbs Honey

1/2 Lemon juiced

Water 2 cups


On a stovetop, add water, thyme and chilli to a saucepan.

Allow to reach a boil.

Remove from heat and add honey and lemon juice.

Strain if you wish and drink hot or cold.

AROMATHERAPY for JOY & CALM at Christmas


aromatherapy xmasAre you one of these people who overthinks the whole Christmas day?
Planning every last detail and so highly strung about everything going well that you forget to enjoy yourself on the day or are you the last minute dash to the shops for late night shopping crazy person? If you identify with either of these personas, you may enjoy a little Aromatherapy in your life.

The following essential oils are perfect to attract a little calm and joy into your life.

Bergamot is balancing to the nervous system and provides a feeling of centredness and confidence.
Geranium is a joyfully uplifting and vibrant oil, providing refreshing and mood enhancing properties.
Lavender is well known as a relaxant for stress and can bring a sense of peace and calm.
Lemon provides a clean and refreshing scent which is balancing to our nervous system and can improve our mental clarity and mood.

* Use one or more of the above oils in your vapouriser (3-4 drops) or add to your favourite massage oil base (1 drop essential oil to 5 ml almond/olive oil etc) and apply to feet or arms, neck and shoulders.

This is a guideline only,always do a skin patch test first and seek medical advice if you are pregnant.

Fruit Infused Tea – Lemon, Lime & Ginger

fruit infused teaHere’s a simple way to make a delicious, warming drink to aid digestion and peace of mind.

Ginger has some wonderful properties including it’s anti-inflammatory and circulatory actions which are useful for joint aches and Pmt as well as its warming digestive properties which sooth an unsettled stomach.

The lime and lemon offer the zing and provide digestive stimulation to improve digestion function.

If you are lucky enough to grow a lime or lemon tree in your backyard. You can make up regular batches of this drink and keep them in the fridge.

Fruit Infused Tea

Lemon, Lime and Ginger


Organic Ginger tea




Honey (optional)

Boil your water

_AAA0412Pop a tea bag in to your tea pot.

Let steep for a few minutes. The longer you leave it the hotter the ginger flavour.

Meanwhile, wash you lemon and limes.

Slice the lemon and lime into circles and place a few of each into a glass or cup.

Add a little honey (Optional)

Pour the ginger tea over your lemon and limes and stir with a teaspoon


Serves 2