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Raspberry, Rockmelon Slushie

This Slushie is a great anti -inflammatory summer cooler packed with nutrition. The fibre, beta carotene and vitamin C support a healthy immune system, skin and digestion.


½ cup rockmelon

¼ cup frozen raspberries

¼ cup water

2 ice cubes

Chop cubes of rockmelon and add to the blender.

Add the raspberries, water and ice and process all in a blender until you get a slushie consistency.

Consume immediately.


Rockmelon and Mint Smoothie

Rockmelon and mint smoothie

Rockmelon & Mint Smoothie

This is a delicious light way to start your day with a hint of fresh mint and packed full of nutrients.


¾ cup Rockmelon

½ cup Soy Milk or Almond milk

½ tsp Spirulina

1 tbs Fresh Mint
_AAA0571Chop your rockmelon into small chunks and add to the blender with all your ingredients.

Blend until everything is combined.

Serve with a little garnish of fresh mint.

Enjoy your drink straight away for maximum nutrient value._AAA0576

Fruit Kebabs


Fruit KebabsFruit Kebabs

A healthy, simple and attractive snack for kids and adults.
These are always first to go at the snack table when we have little visitors. Give your kids real colours and flavours full of nutritional value. Kids love the rainbow colours and eating them off the stick. These fruit kebabs are a great alternative to other brightly coloured sweet snacks available.
Your children will love to help you make these up or you can have them ready for an after school snack or a party.


Red and Green Grapes




* You will need bamboo skewers.

Cut the rockmelon and pineapple into bite size pieces and rinse the grapes and berries and pat dry.

Thread a red grape onto the skewer, then the blueberry, green grape, pineapple and lastly the rockmelon.