Boosting Your Immune system Naturally workshop

Want to know more about natural ways
to look after your immune system?

In this 30min workshop:
* Learn how to support your immune system naturally.
* Gain clarity on Natural remedies for prevention 
  & treatment of coughs, colds, inflammation & 

Topics include:
What is your immune system.
What factors influences your immune system.
Herbs to boost immunity: Teas, essential oils and Fluid extracts.
Foods to boost immunity.
Vitamins and Minerals for immune health.
Energy healing and immune health.
Flower Essences, emotions and immune health.
Homeopathy remedies for prevention and treatment of coughs and colds.
Immune health and meditation, exercise and sleep.
Recipes for immune health

*Free guidebook with natural health tips and recipes included.
Join online (zoom)
Friday August 6th 2021
7:30pm-8pm (30min)
Cost $40

* We will be addressing natural remedies for emotional, mental and physical health

* You will also receive an email guide book with health tips and recipes for immune health.

* If you can’t make the time, you will receive an email to watch the recording.

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